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Headache Treatment in Wimbledon SW19

The muscles that move the head are anchored in the skull and run down to the neck and shoulder blades.

The muscles and joints located near the top three segments of the neck have been proven to causes over 60% of headaches.

What Are These Neck Related Headaches

Neck stresses like the stress seen in looking down cause this type of headaches, often termed Cervico-genic.

This Cervico-genic or neck-related headache has been associated with the looking down position and termed "Text Neck".

What Is Text Neck

Text Neck is a posture syndrome that was seen initially in people texting on mobile phones. It is currently seen in laptop, iPad and e-reader users.

Any forward head carriage will give extra stress to the elements of the neck and increase the likelihood of headache.

What's the solution?

We quickly and efficiently identify the different type of headaches and choose the most appropriate treatment (massage, manipulation, ultrasound therapy, support bracing k-taping methods).

Each headache responds to different treatment types. Hence we spend our thorough examination diagnosing your specific factors. This approach helps us correctly diagnose your problem.

We can then talk you through it explain the diagnosis and how the treatment will work.

If you want to know if your headache is coming from your neck, Request a Call back from our treatment advisor. CONTACT US