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Elbow Pain Treatment Wimbledon

Elbow pain is the most annoying pain going as it often affects grip; it soon becomes apparent the number of tasks which aggravate the condition. To boot, it is both sharp and gives a deep throb in many cases.

Pain in the elbow can not only affect your game but also change your working life - as it weakens your grip.

Does your pain need treatment? If you think about how your elbow pain has changed in the last few days/weeks.

Maybe it got better? Maybe it got worse!

Either way, your condition can be helped.

If you’re getting better - then a simple session to explain the cause combined with rehab should be sufficient to stop re-aggravation

However, for elbows that still hurt we have Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) and ultrasound therapy which produce excellent result beyond just exercise physio.

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