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Knee Pain Treatment Wimbledon

At the Sports Injury Clinic, knees are treated with precision. We have a particular protocol of diagnosis to give you the right answers and solutions at the right time. After all, we know someone who has walked around on a bad knee for too long and ended up having a replacement.

Are you ready to treat your knee like it belongs to someone you love?

Below is how you are likely to be treated for your knee pain.

First, you are analysed for instability.

Next, your knee will be scanned for irritants to the inside of the knee.

Once these are ruled out, we offer the most advanced treatment choices for both tendon and runners knee conditions. 

Knee Pain Treatment Wimbledon

Knee Pain Treatment Choices

  • 1

    The latest sound wave technology is currently used in the US for basketball players and in the UK for Premiership footballers.

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  • 3

    Tailored Video Rehabilitation 

Extras Mile:

On top of the knee examination, we aim to scan your feet.

This approach enables us to see if the foot and ankle structure is contributing to knee pain. 

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