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Female Hip Pain Treatment Wimbledon (Middle-aged - Mature)

Hip pain can come from nearly all leaping and bounding activities and occurs in both sexes. But hip discomfort is most typical in middle-aged women and pregnancy.

We offer a 'no red tape' approach to getting your diagnosis and can then progress you to treatment. 

Whether its blood tests, MRIUltrasound or X-Ray evaluation, we either have the investigation in-house or can refer to an appointment within days.

Hip Treatment

Addressing The WEAKNESS

The hip is a ball and socket joint, and the ball is held centrally within the cavity by muscles.

These supporting muscles are either too tight or too weak, which causes the joint to rub bone on bone. All too often, this is a due posture where knees are rolling inwards.

A specific rehabilitation programme is given for the weakness in this area. 

stregthen weak gluts of the hip Wimbledon

Addressing The TIGHTNESS

However, what about the tightness? This is where we differ from other clinics in the area, as we have a treatment that softens your tight and restricting hip muscles with unparalleled speed.

Of course, we also help you stretch out the forces traditionally holding the pain and go to the next level when needed. This additional treatment is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, which we have been doing for over ten years.

Hip stretching at wimbledon chiropractic and sports injury clinic

The super softener is called E.S.W.T., for short, and works amazingly quickly.

Traditional massage and foam rolling can work well in younger age groups, but long-term suffers, and mature have challenges with these conservative methods. 

Challenges are often likened to difficulty getting down to the ground, making self-stretching and self-softening the hip a chore. 

On top of that, a traditional massage has to be done twice a week for 30-60 mins and often has to be vital to create a clinical softening in hip tightness that has developed over the years.

hip treatment using shock wave therapy to soften scar tissue in hip

This is not only a significant time commitment, but this volume of massage to break up old scar tissue and muscle adhesion is often too much for many clients to take. Or it would create more negative results due to the client wiggling in discomfort during the massage.

We don't aim to develop negatives to make a positive.

We have found that ESWT starts a smoother result and gets clients into the re-strengthening phase much quicker.

While you can decide on either option, we also offer ESWT muscle softening that takes just five mins and is done in only a single session weekly over three weeks.

Your hip diagnosis is our first step. Why not request a call back on the contact us page and discuss with our treatment advisor whether we can help you? CLICK HERE