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Hamstring Treatment Wimbledon

A pulled hamstring is the king of sports injuries, and just like a king, it has to be treated, just right!

Treatment Journey

What's the route to getting my hamstring diagnosed and better?

First,  we will grade the pull/tear (1-3),

Next, we organise an appropriate care plan to get you back on track.

Frequently Asked:


Injury Questions

Will My Hamstring Injury Heal Itself?

Most of us would say YES, but there is a disclaimer and its to do with the quality of the repair.

Hamstrings and other muscle tissue have been proven to show a better quality of repair with specific therapies.

How Long To Leave My Hamstring To Heal

The universal consensus is to seek treatment as soon as possible, the better the effect of the hamstring treatment protocols. And movement is always the key ingredient, and clinicians now get people moving within 24hrs of a hip replacement! So indeed, you need to open and close the knee to enable good blood flow and hamstring healing.

"Hamstring Scar Tissue"

Leaving your body to heal without help can lead to the injury re-occurring from scar tissue development.

Improving with hamstring care and rehab coaching at the Wimbledon \chiro & sports injury Department will help reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence and give you the confidence to get back to the activity you love.

The tele consult is the first step so we can speak to you about your Hamstring condition before we bring you into the clinic. It is a low cost and quick step to seeing if we can help and provide you with advice on the next steps in hamstring care