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Back Pain Solution Sports injury Clinic

Our Approach To Back Pain

At the clinic, we use the latest data about the best treatment solutions to make our choice about how we treat our patients.

What The Evidence Says:

The UK BEAM trial (2008) showed clearly that a technique call Manipulation is better the best passive approach.

In response to this N.I.C.E., the advisory group to the NHS recommended sessions of manipulation & exercise rehab; massage was not supported!

At Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic, we offer you the same as the N.I.C.E. guidelines and add some FREE extras for ultimate results.

You can book a consultation now by CONTACT US or read on about the other parts of how you are likely to be treated.

Owl studying indication of  the evidence based approach we take at wimbledon chiro & Sports Injury Clinic

What are the Extra Things You Add To Therapy?


Although manipulation is the best technique for your back, we also give the second-best - physical exercises, within our FOUR CORE APPROACH

massage element in our four core approach to back pain at wimbledon chiro and sports injury clinic

Manipulation + Physical Rehab = Best of both worlds. 

Exercise Rehab

Digital Prescription

We even go the extra step,  these back exercises are sent in video format to your email. No more pieces of paper to be lost, yeah!

Your injury specific training programme can be accessed through your smartphone or computer when you need them.

Physical therapy in the four core approach at wimbledon chiro and sports injury clinic

What! You Said Massage wasn't Recommended?

Although massage doesn't statistically help back pain, we would give it to our patients because it can't hurt. That's why 90% of our back pain patients are given a back massage after each back pain treatment session.

Reviewing Results

We also monitor your progress through scheduled postural screenings so you can visually see your body straighten and strengthen at periodic evaluations.

To add to this...

Tiger WoodsUsain Bolt, Bradley Wiggins and Red Bull Racing team have all reportedly used this Chiropractic approach.

For results that have been proven to work, Wimbledon Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic is here to help.