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Sciatica Treatment Wimbledon SW19

Sciatic pain is a general label for pain down the leg. 25% of the back pain cases seen at the Wimbledon practice are labelled as Sciatica. 

However, unlike many would have you believe there is hope. We see results in 7/10 people and can quickly tell if your symptoms are likely to yield a result in you.

The Wimbledon clinic has invested in the very latest equipment for this condition. We combine this technology with traditional methods of relief to get a success rate higher than the average for manual therapy.

Once your pain has gone we believe in giving exercises to stop it happening again. This makes you more confident and resilient to getting sciatic symptoms in the future.

Accurate and speedy diagnosis is key to treating sciatica. With our in-house equipment and a quick referral to MRI (48hrs), you can be sure that you will know why you are in pain quicker than if you were to wait for NHS referral. 

Whether you are in your 20's or 70's our professionals will get you up and functioning again.

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